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A Quick Summary of “The Lost Tools of Learning”


First and foremost, the Trivium, as described by Dorothy Sayer in “The Lost Tools Of Learning, is a guide to help in the proper use and understanding of the tools of learning. This is a map not for teaching subjects as such, but a guide for how to think. It is an “order” of learning, an “unfoldment” of the natural processes of thinking which evolves naturally with learning.

These natural processes, independent of age, follow a well described path. Although Sayers does list age ranges for each of the three stages, I would argue that the more relevant point to her work is a focus on the natural stages of development, regardless of age. As she herself stated “what age shall the children be? Well, if one is to educate them on novel lines, it will be better that they should have nothing to unlearn; besides, one cannot begin a…

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